ECMC 2014 - STHLM Day 1
I almost forgot how much can happen in five days, how fast you can get to know new people and make some new friends. From gleaming euphoria and falling in love, through melancholia and total lack of interest to that special feeling called : "I want to destroy my body and my bike right now, fuck you, nothing works as it's supposed to" we felt almost every feeling humans are capable of.

But let's begin with the journey to Stockholm, even if there is not too much to tell about. We left Greifswald ON TIME!!!(which is not very usual for us) arrived to Sassnitz ferry port and braced ourselves up for a 4h ferry ride to Trelleborg.
Arriving at the deck we opened up the first beer, listened to some music, took some naps, enjoyed the sunbathing and the view of Rügen's chalk cliffs.

A little disappointed by the so-called "Arcade-room", which unfortunately was more about gambling than about Super-Mario and Pac-Man, we continued relaxing outside and 4hours later we arrived in Trelleborg with more or less sunburnt faces. Now it was "only" a 650km car ride which was quite eventless besides our failure trying to take a swim in lake Vättern. But since we were not able to find at least one spot which was not either private property or surrounded by fences we gave up. So we skipped that brake, thinking about sense and nonsense of private property.

Some hours later we finally arrived at our much longed for destination: Stockholm. Our plan to drive directly to Teknologgatan and the ECMC headquaters to park the car right there was knocked over by the local parking fees, which are round about 25€ a day. which is about 25 € per day. So we had to leave the city center to find a cheap, nice and cozy place for us and the car, which took at least another hour.

We discovered a cozy place to rest next to the railroads of the commuter- and express-trains. At least we could be sure that no pedestrian would walk by and wake us up during the night. We had our dinner, composed of kidney beans, olives, really cheap sliced bread, pickles and a so called cheese whereby i'm not sure if it really contained any cheese.  We openend another few beers and the first bottle of peppermint liquor to celebrate our arrival in Stockholm and than arranged who is going to sleep where in the car.
For me it was obvious that taking my sleeping bag outside and lay next to the car was preferable to sleep inside, with 3 other people fighting for the best spot.
After 4hours of quite relaxing sleep, which was interrupted by some construction workers starting to work on the other side of the tracks, I reassembled my bike, had a cheese sandwich and finally left together with Max on bike for the ECMC headquarters.

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