dodici cicli

Jacopo Volpe. Who knows him?!! This is the name of someone who tries to spread the fixed gear passion. DODICI and Jacopo belong to each other like L´Eroica and the white roads of Tuscany. He is a head of DODICI cicli and manufactures cycles in a modern way.
DODICI cicli is a small brand born from passion to feed passion, we needed something that was not available and so we created it. We needed transportation. We needed transportation designed for us and designed for our cities. We needed simple bicycles with no need for maintenance, no noise in the graphic, plain colors. Everything that is possible to clean out the bicycle we cleaned. We took away the gears. Milano is a flatland. We took away the brakes, who need brakes when you can have fixed gears?” - DODICI Cicli Milano.
WE (FMGX Crew) are proud to proclaim you one of our “Rebels without a break” series support DODICI Cicli Milano. You can talk a lot about geometry of frames, materials used to build up the frame, colour scheme you prefer and so on. But we don´t want to start a discussion about fundamentals. If you talk about DODICI you talk about passion and dedication. So we used the moment and asked Jacopo just ONE question.
What kind of circumstances makes you to create one of the world famous brand DODICI cicli?”

I started DODICI in 2006 because I come from a DIY background, had a punk HC label before, and I needed a bike, my friends needed bikes as well and at the time it was difficult to find fixed gear bikes in Italy. We all had very cool vintage steel bikes but they where too fragile for the everyday use and abuse. 
These where very funny days, riding a lot and having hard time convincing old italian framebuilders to build strange track frames made for going around town with no brakes. They thought we where completely insane. That was long before the whole trend exploded in europe.
The first time I have seen a track bike was in 1999 in NYC, where I met some punks that where messengerrs, going to shows and riding bicycles, that made me want a bicycle like theirs.”

Hopefully we made you to catch the fire of the DODICI star and are looking foreward to see you in Greifswald from 19th to the 21st of June.


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